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WordPress, is the most popular content management system available powering a quarter of the total number of websites on the internet today. WordPress features an extensive array of themes and plugins and can be tailored to meet all of your company requirements. Whether you’re looking for a simple blogging website or you need a corporate website to meet high traffic demands, WordPress has you covered and can support all of your needs.

Our robust and user friendly WordPress website designs allow you to edit your company website on your own with simplicity and ease. You do not need any prior experience in coding or IT to take control of your website. Whether you are a computer professional or a novice, you will be able to easily manoeuvre your webpage content through the WordPress administrator panel.

Take Control Of Your Website

At Green Globe Media, we ensure that you are comfortable with the WordPress CMS we provide you with. WordPress is flexible, offers easy administration features and has customisable menus, which allow you to manage your website content with ease. We will also give you proper education and training on how to best utilise the CMS for your specific requirements. We deliver a one-on-one training approach to ensure that you are ahead of the curve so that you can update your website content on a consistent basis.

Specialist WordPress Website Designers

Here, at Green Globe Media, we understand the importance of building great websites. WordPress web design is our forte and also our main area of expertise. Our skilled website designers are well experienced with the content management system, allowing us to provide custom designed websites that suit your business needs. Whether you are offering products worldwide or are selling services to local customers, we can customise WordPress themes and plugins to suit your business needs.

The Design Process


Choose a theme

Choose a Theme

The first step in creating a WordPress website is the theme. We work with you to select a theme that is perfect for your business and market sector. If you have already purchased a theme that you would like to use but are currently struggling to install it our designers are here to help you. Whether you’re looking to build an ecommerce site, a directory site or a company blog, we can design the perfect website for you which will meet your business goals.

Wordpress website designers

Plugin Setup and Installation

Plugins can be used to customise your website to meet specific goals and they also make your website more engaging and more dynamic. By using custom plugins, a great deal of time can be saved on writing extensive code, making WordPress an affordable solution for small businesses. We are well versed with WordPress  plugins and we can find you the perfect solution to suit your exact requirements, whether you need a contact form plugin, ecommerce plugin or an SEO plugin.

Test and Launch

Test and Launch

Finally, before the launch of your newly designed WordPress website, we run a testing phase wherein our designers and developers analyse various aspects of the site. Some plugins don’t work in conjunction with others and this may cause errors and inconsistencies around a website. We run a variety of tests to ensure plugin compatibility and analyse each and every aspect of your site to ensure that your visitors will be presented with an engaging and a user friendly experience.

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