We are an SEO company in Manchester providing our services throughout the UK. SEO is the process of improving a websites ranking within a search engine like Google.


Every business wants to be on the first page of Google. However, your website, your brand and your business will need to earn the right of being listed high up on Google search, or any other search engine for that matter. Google’s natural listings cover 85% of search traffic, leaving only 15% for paid search (Google Ads). This means that businesses should try and make use of this fact and use optimisation techniques to improve their natural rankings on search engines.

Here, at Green Globe Media, our SEO services can help increase the visibility of your website on search result listings. By using our SEO Experts, we deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website to increase your online sales. Our strategy starts off with understanding the unique needs and objectives of your business, to build a strategy that’s right for your company. SEO can deliver an exceptional ROI for your business if in the hands of an expert. If you are looking for an SEO company in Manchester contact one of our SEO experts today on 0161 669 5854.

Increase Your Company Sales

Search engine optimisation is a strategy made up of a number of factors that are implemented over a period of time. Achieving a high position in the search results can make a huge impact on your company sales. Our team of SEO specialists include designers, developers, and writers who can deliver the best results across even the most competitive of industries. As an SEO company in Manchester our main aim is your ROI. We work with you closely throughout your SEO campaign to identify the best approach to increase productivity and sales. We have a proven track record working with businesses around the UK.

Monitor Your Performance

Simply having an SEO strategy in place does not prove to be enough. The performance of your website across actual search result listings and the actual traffic coming to your website will need to be monitored. Here at Green Globe Media, we monitor the performance of your website and traffic using various tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. By using these tools, we measure the traffic and conversions through data and understand the behavior of your website visitors. Whether it is sales, phone calls, subscriptions or emails, we can strategically improve the quality of your website traffic.

SEO Services Include


Market and Competitor Analysis

The first step in our SEO strategy lies in understanding the market you lie in and your competitors in the industry. In order to achieve a first page search result listing, we analyse and make detailed reports of your top ten competitors. We also research on keywords and key phrases, based on search volume estimates and put these in use for your business’ SEO strategy. Through our extensive market and competitor analysis, we try to maximise and provide you with the highest return on your investment.

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Onpage SEO Experts

Across the more competitive key phrases, to out rank competition, quite a lot needs to be considered. This requires the use of on-page SEO techniques, which go far beyond the simple strategies of making use of titles, Meta descriptions, word counts and keyword densities. At Green Globe Media, we understand this completely and our experience in on-page SEO allows us to handle this problem effectively. We tackle the page speed, site size and server response times, and we make use of uncompressed images, non-minified resources.

Link Building Services

To achieve a first page search result listing on Google, your link building strategy also plays a major part in the SEO process. Links are considered to be the fundamental signals used in marketing online and the better your link building, the higher the chances of it scoring well across optimisation algorithms. For a successful SEO campaign, we make use of strategically planned link building techniques with the help of special software. This helps in scoping out your competitors and analysing the power and authority of their links.

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