Strategic pay per click management services that drive results. Convert targeted traffic across search engines with an instant online presence. High quality adverts, structured landing pages, and flexible budgets are just a few of the benefits


Pay per Click (PPC) management offers your business an opportunity to pay to appear on top positions on search engine listings as also on partner websites. This process can help generate instant traffic to your website and can also complement your SEO strategies in place. PPC is the fastest and the most manageable way to get your company website to the top of search result listings whenever someone searches for the type of business you are in.

Our PPC services is a great way for an instant return on your investment. Pay Per Click advertising allows us to pay for sponsored listings on search engines like Google. Display your business in front of thousands of potential customers searching for related products and service online and generate new customers instantly.

Flexible Budgets

As the name implies, when you opt for a Pay per Click advertising campaign, because you are paying per click, you can control your budget and the size of your campaign. This makes PPC advertising a flexible and cost effective strategy for businesses of all sizes while generating a sizeable return on investment. Given the flexibility offered by such a campaign, you can choose to advertise your business in your local area, or you can even advertise your company all over the globe in front of thousands of potential customers who are searching for your business specific products or services online. Here, at Green Globe Media, we offer PPC campaigns for all types of businesses, ranging from small start-up businesses up to even large established businesses. Our PPC campaigns offer various benefits, including flexible budgets, targeted keywords, monthly analytic reports and no long term contracts, among many others.

Our Pay Per Click Management Services

At Green Globe Media, we offer complete management services for PPC campaigns, including program development and on-going optimisation. We can also take a look at an existing campaign and give it an overhaul if required. There are several ways that you can target your customers online and depending on your industry and your specific business goals, we can provide you with the best solution resulting in the highest number of conversions. We can help advertise your business as sponsored ads across Yahoo, Bing, Google and the display network to ensure that your website will receive instant online traffic. Whether you need a completely new PPC campaign, an overhaul of an existing campaign or monthly management of a campaign, Green Globe Media can help you out.

PPC Services Include


The first and the most crucial step to creating a successful PPC campaign lies in understanding the products and services that your company offers, as also your company background. Here, we work closely with you to understand your business, your industry sector, your competitors and your USPs, and then work out a strategy to tailor the best possible PPC campaign for you. Through this process, we create relevant ads that stand out from the crowd. Moreover, we also conduct research on the key phrases available for your marketing budget to ensure the maximum return and deliver you with the results you need.

Ad Creation

Once we have conducted sufficient amount of research on your company and your business goals, we then go about creating the adverts and landing pages for your Pay per Click campaign. Our team of experts at Green Globe Media work towards creating quality adverts, which will ensure that your website receives traffic, through pages that are strategically structured to convert visitors by giving a call to action. All PPC campaigns that we create are designed to offer high quality scores on search result listings, leading to higher click through rates and higher sales. By working with us, you can also reduce your overall click cost, through our strategically structured adverts.


Finally, once your PPC campaign is in place, we also track performance of the campaign by analysing data and creating room for improvement. We ensure that tracking of your campaign is done on the right data and by carefully analysing the performance of your campaign; we can get a general idea of visitors’ behaviour. Through this process of tracking and analysing, we can make further improvements to your PPC campaign, reduce click costs and maximise your returns. We also provide you with monthly reports based on the performance of your adverts so that you can measure and see for yourself how your campaign is performing.

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